Pumkin blossom pakora | Pumkin fritters | by selfkitchen4u

🍤Indian snack recipe      🏵Pumkin blossompakora recipe : Now we ……..are in rainy season and yes rainy day is the best and ideal  time for making and eating such type of pakora/deep fried  things . We have many options for snack recipe like, potato chips, onion pakora,chilli pakora, all are very common ,But in … Read more

Veg biriyani step by step | how to make vegetable biriyani in cooker |#selfkitchen4u

Hi friends today i will show you how to make vegetable biriyani in cooker.so don’t miss it coz here i will describe making veg biriyani step by step.            Summer is here and we all know that summer is not the ideal time for eating such type of non-vegs like egg … Read more

Raita recipe || how to make simple raita recipe for biriyani || raita recipe in hindi

Hi friends today’s recipe is very much interesting..That is simple Raita recipe.                           Raita recipe is so popular in south indian area for its amazing flavor. Actually raita  helps to increase the taste of biriyani /pulao / kabab. It maintains the balance of heat … Read more

fish head with moong dal | মাছের মাথা দিয়ে মুগের ডাল | macher matha diye moong dal

Macher matha(মাছের মাথা দিয়ে মুগের ডাল ) with moong dal is very popular and traditional reicpe in bengal. It is called also macher muro diye mug dal.Macher matha that is Fish heaedient(its may be katla or Rohu) with mug dal is compulsory menu item for Bengali Marrige Party.……………………………………………………..    Ingredients :-         1. … Read more

how to make prawn biriyani – selfkitchen4u

how to make prawn biriyani – selfkitchen4u >>>   hi friends today i will show you how to make prawn biriyani, in {HINDI} it is called jhinga biriyani ,and in Bengali recipe it is famous  for চিংড়ি মাছের রেসিপি .you can make it as a prawns fry in your style but here I will share my … Read more

kele ke phool ki sabji

kele ke phool ki sabji Hi friends, today i want to share my experience in a veg recipe.This is a famous authentic Bengali  recipe named mochar ghonto. In  HINDI state it is called kele ke phool  and in English this is banana blossom curry.                       … Read more

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