5 mistakes by google : tuna fish in marathi name

5 mistakes by google : tuna fish in marathi name

If you are searching in google about tuna fish in marathi name, you can see there are some hilarious answer on this question. Unfortunately Tuna this sentence are trending on Google search.

# What is called tuna fish in Marathi Language ?

Now come to the point, tuna fish is called   Kupa Masa in Maharashtra area.

# Tuna fish in marathi information :

Tuna fish is also known as Kupa Masa in Marathi . It is a different & special types of fish which is very tasty to eat. You will find many species of tuna fish all over the world. Actually tuna fish that lives in salty water. This delicious fish is full of nutrients, which can have a positive effect on your health if eaten regularly.

Tuna fish is a saltwater fish of the family Scombridae (mackerel), belonging to the order Thunnini. Thunnini again has 15 species out of a total of five genera. Tuna fish weight at least : 1.8 kg and maximum of length : 50 centimeters that is 1.6 feet’s. Again Atlantic blue fin tuna maximum of length 4.6 meters (15ft)

The elegant and skillfully made tuna is an excellent swimmer. It has two closely spaced dorsal fins on its backyard. The first is “depressed.” They can be flattened out. one who operates covertly.

The number of yellowfins from the dorsal fin to the tail ranges from seven to ten. There are three fixed, horizontal nails on each side. The metal of a tuna is often dark blue on the dorsal side and silver or white on the ventral side, or the underside of the vents.

# Tuna fish in marathi :

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# Tuna fish in marathi name meme :

At first someone searching for ”The Marathi name of tuna fish” on the Google search and unfortunately google recommended some abusing language that is provided as a meme post on open forum site.

which has sparked controversy within a few hours However, Google is now displaying the incorrect answer to that inquiry.

This featured snippet  came from a forum website called “situs slot gacor”. “What is the Marathi name for tuna fish?” someone asked in Forums. Some people correctly responded with ‘Kupa Masa.’ But  others responded it to the questionnaire with offensive  slang language rather than answering it.

## Tuna fish in marathi name meme  :

  **Paani mein utarke machi ko puch lavdee**

# 5 mistakes by google :

No 1:

It’s a  algorithmic mistake by google.

No. 2:

when the incorrect answer is presented instead of the right one , google not rectify it immediately.

No.3 :

This occurs when google not checking properly. However, by becoming a meme post, people are having a blast.

No.4 :

No doubt google bot is remarkable software but Google should aware of his  tools. Any mis information may penalized google by the government.

No. 5 :

It’s a regional Offensive language. But Google should make some rules and regulations about such a this types of post.

# Tuna fish pickle :

People also makes tuna fish pickle.We provide you tuna fish pickle in another
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