How to make fish curry at home – fish masala recipe

Hi, foody lover if you search authentic Bengali style fish Curry then this is the right place for your nonveg let’s see…..How to make fish curry at home.


fish masala recipe Ingredients:-

1.small size Rohu fish
2.Onion- 2 medium sizes.
3.1 piece  tomato
4.Ginger paste – 2 teaspoon
5.Garlic paste – 2 teaspoon.
6.Coriander leaves.
7.Coriander seed powder-1/2             teaspoon.
8.Cumin seed powder-1/2 teaspoon.
9.Dry red chili.
10.Garam masala
11.Salt to taste.
12.Turmeric powder
13.Mustard oil


fish masala recipe Method:~

           At first, take a pan and put some mustard oil, put fish in a pan and fry it properly.

 After that in the same kadhai(pan) add cumins, add 2 teaspoons garlic paste,  add 2 teaspoons Ginger paste.

Stir it. Next, add 2 medium size onions (properly chopped). Next add salt(as taste), turmeric powder. Next, after frying the onion add 1 big tomato(cut into a cube).

After that add mixed masala(coriander seeds+cardamon+cinamon+clove+dry chilli+some water and blend it).

Mix some water, let it boil. Next add salt(as taste), turmeric powder.

Add fried fish and mixed it well. add 1 cup water and cover it for 5 minutes. next, add coriander leaves and cover it for 3 minutes and turn off the gas flame.

Now fish curry is ready for serve.

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