Quick Veg biriyani step by step | how to make vegetable biriyani in 2021

Hi friends today I will show you how to make vegetable biriyani in a cooker. so don’t miss it coz here I will describe making Quick veg biriyani step by step.

Summer is here and we all know that summer is not the ideal time for eating such types of non-vegs like egg, mutton, chicken, etc. Also should avoid using extra oil in cooking.
Fruits, green vegetables, lite soups, salads, curd rice, wheat chapati, or atta bread are ideal for a daily diet.
But sometimes we are getting bored to use this type of recipe in our daily diet.
So,I want to share a very common and delicious recipe with all of you in this blog that is not only tasty also is very healthy, which can keep your body cool, maintain your body temperature, and had a number of health and nutrition benefits.
💥Ingredients: 👇
1. Basmati rice /regular rice -1 cup washed and soaked in two cups of water.
2.Sunflower oil/ghee -2 tablespoon.
3.Potato – one small size,
cut into cubes.
4.Onion – 2 medium sizes, slices.
5.Tomato -1 medium size ,cut into cubes.
6.Carrot – 1 small size, cut into small cube size as like potato.
7.Green bell paper – 1 small size,
8.Bines  – half cup.
9.Green chili – 4 pcs
10. Well chopped coriander leaves.
11. Well chopped mint leaves.
12. Ginger garlic paste – 2 spoons.
13. Biriyani spices powder- 1 spoon
14.Garam masala- half teaspoon
15. Bay leaf- 2 pcs
16. Cardamon – 2 pcs
17. Cinnamon – 2 pcs

18. Clove – 2 pcs



  • Take a cooker or any other medium size pan, turn on the gas flame. After heating the cooker, take oil or ghee into the cooker and within 2-3 minutes add the whole spices (bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon, clove).
Next have to fry  the onion lightly,
After that adding potato, carrot salutes it for 3 minutes, and add tomato, bines green bell paper, green chili mix all the ingredients very well and cover the pan for 2minutes.
 After 2 minutes open the lid and add ginger garlic paste, biriyani masala powder, Garam masala powder, and have to mix all.

After 5 minutes when all the vegetables and spices begin to spread flavor has to add the soaked rice and cooked it all together for few minutes.

  •  Then add the extra rice soaked water, wait 5 minutes for boiling.
  • Then add mint and coriander leaves, cover the pan/cooker with a lid and check the recipe within few minutes.
  • Cooked it for 7 to 8 minutes and you can see all the extra water is soaked by the rice,  off the gas flame and cover it for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes it’s ready to serve with wonderful raita too.

Quick veg biriyani

Hope you all enjoyed the recipe.
If you like the recipe please comment and share it with your friends, family so they can also know about a wonderful veg recipe for the summer season, which is easy to make and delicious to eat also full of nutrition value.

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