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🍤Indian snack recipe

🏵Pumkin blossom
pakora recipe :

Now we ……..
are in rainy season and yes rainy day is the best and ideal  time for making and eating such type of pakora/deep fried  things .

We have many options for snack recipe like, potato chips, onion pakora,chilli pakora, all are very common ,
But in this  blog i want to share a very uncommon and traditional snack recipe named Pumkin flower pakora or Pumkin fritters
Which is very famous in west bengal,bihar ,jharkhand,orissa ,and
bangladesh .

 ◆ Ingridient :—

1. Pumkin flower –  8 pcs.

2. Besan – 5 tablespoon.

3. Salt – as per test.

4. Turmeric powder –  one pinch.

5. Black peper powder – 1 tea spoon.

6. Baking soda – one pinch.

7. Water –  half  cup.

8. Sunflower oil – 3 cup.

◆ Method   ~

In a mixing bowl take all ingridient and make a smooth batter .

Take sunflower oil in a kadai and on the gas flame .

Dip the flower in the batter and put into the hot oil , fry until it’s get a  golden brown color. Take on  a tissue paper , so the extra oil from the pakora can soked the paper.

And yea… finally the Pumkin flower pakora is ready to surve …enjoy With  tomato sauce .

It’s not only tasty it has a number of health benifits .

Food value ~
It has vitamin – A, C, calcium, potacium ,and magnecium.
Also very low in saturated fat and cholesterol .

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