raita recipe for weight loss || raita recipe in hindi

raita recipe for weight loss:

Hi, friends today’s recipe is very much interesting. That is a simple Raita recipe. it will help you to burn your fats and make you super slim.


Raita recipe is so popular in the south Indian area for its amazing flavor. Actually, raita helps to increase the taste of biriyani /pulao/kabab. It maintains the balance of heat from mutton/chicken or spices. Generally, the Raita recipe is made with fresh raw vegetables, mild spice powder, and herbs. But here I used only basic home ingredients i.e tomatoes, onions, green chili’s.
So let’s go to the kitchen and watch how to make the Raita recipe…

What are the ingredients of raita?

1. Curd – 200 grams
2. Salt – as per test
3. Water – half cup
4. Finely chopped onion – 1 spoon
5. Finely chopped tomato – 1 spoon
6.Finely chopped green chilli  – 1/2 spoon


  • Take a glass or metal bowl and shift all the ingredients mix together very well.
  • And traditional raita recipe is ready to serve. You can use this recipe with hot veg biriyani /mix veg pulao as you like most.
  • NowTraditional onions raita is ready to serve.
    Always keep in mind to make a perfect Raita use thick, pure, nicely set yogurt or curd.

Is Raita good for weight loss?

now the question arises in the mind Is Raita good for weight loss? Its single answer is yes. because its main ingredient is curd which is full of protein and low fats that is enriched your digestive system and due to low fat it helps you to lose weight.

                  Hope you all enjoyed the recipe.
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